Success Stories

I am thankful for the B Fit 4 Life experience. In January, I was a 55 year old woman @ 199lbs. At the end of June, I am a 56 year young woman @ 174 lbs. I attribute my success to having the opportunity with team work, communication and compromise.

I was exposed to Zumba, Disc Golf and an obstacle course laced with a variety of activities I would have never tried. The words “5-K” and “2 hour Zumbathon” would have been unthinkable to me. My lifestyle has taken a pivotal turn towards health and fitness improvement. Water is my new best friend.

For me, portion size is key along with better choices. Nutritionally, I learned about power-fuels in the a.m. and smart-carbs in the afternoon. I am still learning each and every day, but gaining knowledge is power and Be-fit gave me a great foundation. I continue to strive for new goals. Thank You Team for your support and encouragement. Thank You Rev for your drive and leadership gifts.

25#’s Down & Respectfully,

Marilyn Mike


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