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General Rules:

1. The Be Fit For Life Wellness Challenge is a 4 month initiative among the local community to increase their level of physical activity, overall fitness level and improve their well-being. Each month includes a main fitness event and alternative activities to gain points based on the team’s participation level. The main goal of each team is to increase the level of physical activity during the four month challenge. Each team member needs to complete 4 monthly events; 1 of which is pedometer walking. The following event: 4 K Pedometer Challenge will have additional points awarded according to how you place in the event.

2. Registration fee is $20 per person which includes most events unless designated. Team registration is a first come first serve basis. The face value of the registration fee is $180.

3. The Challenge officially begins January 1, 2019 and ends April 30,  2019.

4.Teams can consist of a minimum of 10 participants or maximum of 20 participants. If a reserve team member needs to be activated, they need to complete the waiver and pay the $20 registration fee. Reserves can only be added when a team member no longer works at that specific company or is physically injured for those working at a company.  If a team member drops out of the challenge, due to a reason other than stated above, no reserve can be added. This team member will receive zero (0) points to the end of the challenge.  Once a reserve is on a roster, they must complete the challenge through April 30th. Only active team roster members will be awarded points.

5. Teams are limited to participants 18 years or older. No exceptions are allowed.  

6. Abusive Language / Behavior:

 Any abusive language or behavior directed at an official, referee, event coordinator or opposing team member during the course of any preliminary or event will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct. This shall result in the ejection of the participant from the event and may result in ejection for the remainder of the Be Fit For Life Wellness Challenge.


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7. Team Packets:

Packets for each team will be delivered between the first and second week of December. All registration/waiver forms and entry fees must be paid in full at time of delivery. Team packets will include: challenge t-shirt, pedometer, automatic enrollment as a Be Fit For Life member, key ring for tracking event participation, free on-line access to a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist at

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8. Awards:

Prizes will be awarded to the team with the most points. The overall Be Fit For Life champion will receive the Be Fit For Life Wellness Challenge trophy and the 13th annual Lake Health Heart of the Community award and  health-related prizes. Awarding of prizes will be held after June 1 at the team’s place of business or at another location TBD.

We will randomly draw a monthly winner that completes the four required activities. The winners will be notified by e-mail.

9. Web Site:

Team standings will be posted on the Be Fit For Life web site: This site will be helpful in keeping track of team standings and reminders of upcoming events. 

10. Step Tracker Log Sheet:

As a Be Fit For Life member, you will receive a pedometer and monthly step tracker log sheets to log your daily steps; January 1 through April 30 for the Be Fit For Life Fitness Challenge. You need to turn in a completed copy of your log sheet that has been totaled to your team captain on a monthly basis in order to receive participation points for each month. Steps must be entered daily and should be actual steps taken and not rounded off. Your minimum goal on a monthly basis is to walk 150,000 steps which is equivalent to walking approximately 2.4 miles per day for the month of January.

For every month thereafter the minimum walking goal is increased by 50,000 steps. Your monthly steps need to be totaled before you turn into your team captain or else they will not be counted! One mile is equivalent to 2,000 steps and 10,000 steps is equivalent to walking 5 miles. Be sure to wear your pedometer on a daily basis! Staple your key card to your monthly step tracker log. Replacement fee for lost pedometers is $9.00 (plus tax) and is payable to Lake Health. Contact Sharon Minjares @ 440-701-7535.

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11.   Participation points:

The Be Fit For Life key ring has 4 different colored cards which represent the 4 months of the fitness challenge. Each key card lists all the events for that month. Each time you participate in an event, you need to have the event coordinator sign/date the back of the key card.

All events that require payment must have a signed and dated receipt with the place of business stated on it. There will be no exceptions.
At the end of the each month, turn your completed key card into your team Captain; so your participation points can be documented. Completed documentation needs to be sent or dropped off to Lisa Popp at the Central YMCA, 933 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, 44077 no later than the 10th of the following month. Electronic version of the completed documentation is not accepted.

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12.  Scoring:
For each month team members can obtain points for each activity. Prorated scoring will be used for those teams that have less than 20 employees.
Example: Team A has 17 members; maximum number of points for the month of February is 1600 points/17=94.11 points per team member. The main goal of your team should be to obtain the maximum number of points as possible.

“Challenge Points”- there is one challenge in 2019 that will render additional points: Archery Biathlon Challenge. The additional points will be awarded according to how you place in the challenge.We will take  the best 4 scorers from each team. The additional points will be in a separate column on the standings page of the web site.


Maximum Number of Points-
Based on a 20 member team

January 1600









Any questions regarding points; please e-mail Lisa Popp at, not Sharon Minjares.

13. Alternates: Each month may have an alternate activity that team members are allowed to use if they are unable to make the main event with the exception of the pedometer walking, which is mandatory. You are required to participate in the alternate activity that corresponds to the main event. No other alternate activities will be allowed during the 4 month challenge. You need to have the representative at the fitness facility sign and date your key card. You are responsible for attaching a receipt to your monthly log sheet with the key card if you incurred a cost for the alternate activity. Families will not be allowed to participate for registered events (i.e.: snow shoeing, cross country); for any alternate events, families are welcome.

14. Registration and attendance at main events: You are required to follow the deadlines for registrations. Start times will be adhered to and no walk-ins will be allowed.

15. Step Equivalents: A pedometer can track your steps whether you are moving slow or fast. If you like to play basketball, ski, bicycle, swim or canoe, we discovered our pedometer does not help us keep track of our activity. You can "translate" your 10,000-step goal into an equivalent time goal for your favorite activity. Check the website - to download a list of step equivalents. Note these equivalents should only be used if you are not wearing a pedometer.

16. Team Points: By the 20th of each month, the team captain is required to make sure their team points are correct. After this date, Lisa Popp is not allowed to make any changes to the point system.

17.Advance Registration: Participants are allowed only to register beginning on the first of the month for the following month. Team must have full commitment from team members to register for events. Please do not register your entire team unless you have 100% commitment from all members. If a team member is unable to attend an event it is the responsibility of the captain to contact the Best of Health (440-953-6000) and cancel the reserved registration. This allows other participants to fill that spot. Any cancellations need to be made to the Best of Health Line for those events registered through this department, by 1 PM, the day before  the event. Best of Health Line number is 440-953-6000. If you need to cancel after this date, contact Lisa Popp at

18. Fruit and Vegetable Challenge-NEW! We are challenging you to add more fruit and vegetables to your daily meals. You know you should eat fruits and vegetables; but do you?  Fruits and vegetables are an important part of everyone’s healthy eating plan, but for many Americans, eating enough can be a challenge.  The goal is to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. You will receive points if you meet your daily goal. This challenge is based on an honor system.

You will receive a list of quick tips on simple ideas you can follow to add more fruits and vegetables into your meals. The challenge log sheet offers an easy way to record the number of points accumulated each day during the challenge. On a daily basis, document your daily fruit & vegetable intake on your step logger. At the end of each month, send the step logger with your produce intake and other documentation to Lisa Popp to receive points.

19. Monthly incentive: Each month there will be 1 random drawing for those participants that have completed all 5 monthly events. Winners will be contacted via e-mail.

20. Additional Classes/Times:There will never be events that are “closed”. In order to work in an efficient manner, additional times will be added as needed; after the initial pre-set times are filled. Additional times will be communicated through e-mail from Sharon Minjares.

21. Cancelations: any cancelations after 1 PM are to be made to Lisa Popp @ Do not call the Best of Health Line.

22. On-Line Registration:is available for all events that require registration. Go to:, click on Our Classes & Events, then Be Fit For Life Wellness Challenge (left side), drop down box, click on Wellness then search.

23. Health Screenings: these screenings will determine health improvements over the four month challenge.. Pre/post blood pressures, 6-minute walk test and  these measures: weight, body fat %, total body water %, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, muscle mass and bone mass via a bio-impedance scale will be evaluated. To have the most accurate reading;

  • You must be hydrated
  • Eat a light meal about 1-2 hours before the screening
  • No shoes or socks will be allowed on the scale

Participation points are attached to these screenings.  Contact the Best of Health 440-953-6000 to register for screenings.

24. Wellness Coach or Registered Dietitian- FREE one on one ½ hour counseling session is available to the first 50 participants that contact the Wellness Institute. If you are interested in Wellness Coaching, contact Emma at 440-701-7537 or working with a dietitian; contact Melinda at 440-701-7534. You may start calling December 17, 2018 to set up an appointment.

Appointment dates are below for either wellness coaching or nutrition counseling:
Tuesday, January 15, 11am-2pm or
Thursday, January 17 1-4pm or
Friday, January 18, 8am-11am

Who doesn’t need help in setting goals or making sure their diet is going in the right direction? Here is a great way to see how you are doing.

25. As a B Fit For Life Fitness Challenge member, you will have access to any B Fit For Life events (for lifetime) that the Lake County YMCA or Lake Metroparks will host in the future at no cost. See their respective resource/program guides for more information.

26. Gratitude Project-New!
We are providing our participants with the opportunity to show their gratitude by participating in The Gratitude Project. This project is a practice of purposeful appreciation of one’s life through interactive art, and engages individuals to contemplate a source of gratitude in their lives and provide an outlet to be able to express your own thankfulness.
A Lake Health Team Member will bring The Gratitude Project to your facility/location of your choice to discuss the benefits of gratitude and provide an opportunity for Be Fit members to participate in expressing gratitude by writing or drawing what they are thankful for, and displaying these ‘works of gratitude’ at your facility/location of your choice for a two week period.
If you are interested in participating in The Gratitude Project, please contact Emma Giardini at 440-701-7537 or This is such an inspirational way to foster the all-important quality of being grateful.

26. YMCA Special Monthly Drawing: We will pick a winner each month (January, February, March and April) for a month membership to the YMCA in May 2019. The Be Fit member will have to complete all four activities to be eligible to win the random drawing.


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